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A dj simulator is basically a software program that allows an aspiring dj to get a taste of how it feels to be on the real dj equipment mixing in a club. These simulators have visual representations that are almost similar to the real dj equipment and settings. A person practicing on such simulators is even more likely to become a better dj than those who start off with the physical equipment.

Simulators work on computers, be they personal computers or laptops. Some will be online based, while others are downloadable for use even when you do not have an internet connection. Again, some will be more like computer games, while others are quite serious with regards to the training and experience they give a practicing dj. However, both ways, they are fun to work with, allowing you to work in the privacy of your house but with a set up of a virtual audience and equipment.

Some Dj simulators will have limited functionality, while others are full blown (in other words, they have everything real dj equipment has). Some can also be used together with real dj equipment to enhance the mixing. Most of the full featured software that are just like real dj equipment, or that can be used together with real equipment are downloadable. These are more fun to use and give a more real life dj experience.

Most dj simulators are free, but some need purchasing. Others have a free version and a premium version. These paid simulators are usually better and more professional, giving a more “real” feel of dj experience. A search online will yield many results for these virtual turntables for you to use to have fun.

Some common dj simulators

There are quite a number of awesome virtual turntable setups that you can quickly take up on and have fun with. Some free ones are briefly discussed below.

Wortel Drie’s DJ-Trainer

This online based musical instrument that is presented visually like a keyboard has 10 sound banks that are very professional. With it, you can make your own trance, club, reggae, dance music and even samba and jazz dance. The best part is that you are able to do this live.

– KraMixer

This is an incredible dj simulator that features automatic and manual BMP counters. It is also capable of auto BPM matching, has WAV, ogg and mp3 formats, and has eight inbuilt sound effects with the ability to record to an mp3 in real time. The best part is that it is free.

– CD Scratch

Another great and free cd player virtual turntable that is downloadable. The unique feature about this simulator is that it allows a person to play 2 songs that are on the same CD and at the same time. Above this, it plays one of the songs forward and the other one in reverse. This awesome capability gives even the most amateurish person an edge, making you play music like you are a pro. It also allows you to scratch a song back and forth, or to listen to it while it is being automatically mixed between the turntables.

– Virtual DJ

This is the crème de la crème of the online mixers. It is a full featured dj mixer that is downloadable. It allows you to mix audio and video music, use inbuilt and external effects, as well as connect to your physical dj equipment for even more fun. It is among the ultimate in dj simulators available online.

These are just but a few of the many online dj simulator that you can use to experience an almost real life dj setting and mix. Search for more of them online and enjoy the mixes.




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