DJ Equipment for Beginners

DJ Equipment for Beginners


The best dj equipment for beginners are those that help the upcoming dj to learn the overall aspects of this mixing business. For the beginner, selecting the right equipment is such an uphill task that is also overwhelming. One does not know what they need, or where to start searching and how much money to spend. A little guidance is very much welcome for this beginner. This is what we give you here. From a point of view of experience as a dj that started somewhere, allow me to help you out with some hints.

To start with, there are some questions you need to ask yourself, so that you know where to start buying the dj equipment. Ask yourself how much money you are willing to spend at the start, in what capacity you will be using the equipment, where you will be buying the equipment, and what equipments you need. Answering these questions will give you a hint on where to start.

For instance, if you want to be an all purpose dj, that is, you want to be a turntablist and a club disc jockey, then you may need to go for a higher quality, more features gear. You will also need more powerful equipment that are also more durable since you will be working with a larger crowd more regularly. This in effect means that you need to have a bigger budget to ensure that you also easily brand yourself a professional dj faster. On the other hand, if you aim to be just a hobby dj, performing in home parties and small gatherings, then you can afford to go for cheaper, lesser quality gear.

It’s good to do some good research on the best and cheapest stores that offer the dj equipment. This research can be done online or offline. With online research, compare different stores that allow you to order dj gear online, looking at security of your credit card details, speed of delivery, user reviews on service quality, and special discounts they offer on large purchases.

Offline, ask other djs that you know about where they buy their equipment, look for advise from family and friends, and also visit several of the nearby local stores and outlets that sell these equipment to compare quality and prices.

Some dj equipment for beginners

When starting out, you do not need all those very expensive equipment. All you need is a mixer, two turn tables, speakers, and headphones.


You can start with the vinyl turntables, or CD turntables, midi controllers or time coded systems like serato. The choice turntable you go for depends on what type of dj you want to become. If you choose to go with the vinyl turntables, it is preferable that you go with the direct drive ones as opposed to the belt driven ones.


For the speakers to work together with the turn tables, you need a place to connect them up. This is where the mixer comes in. The mixer also helps you to make the decision of what music to play or not. It helps in beat matching and scratching and so should be accorded the appropriate attention.


To listen in to the music before playing it loud to the crowd, you use the headphones. These help you to expertly match beats, plan the songs that are coming up, and listen to the songs before the others hear them. This way, you are able to avoid the embarrassment that comes with poor beat matching, and playing out a song that is not up to standard.


The ultimate sound experience of your crowd depends on your chosen speakers. When starting out, you can go with lesser expensive ones, but you will need to purchase PA speakers in the future if you want to perform more professionally. These are some of the most basic dj equipment for beginners.


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